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Impressive with their communications, craftsmanship, and dependability. I called them last night at 10:00 pm because my wife ran into the garage door. She's safe but the door did not survive- it was destroyed. I was a little shocked when they picked up their phone and said a tech can come out right this second. Just 30 minutes later, someone showed up and quickly brought the door down so we can sleep safely at night, without our conscious keeping us up. We got a quote the next day and a new door was up in no time!

Jordan M

Mountain View, CA

Tracy L

Mountain View, CA
These gentleman's were punctual, detailed, and extremely friendly! They made fixing our springs like a walk in the park.
They deserve all five stars! David who was a fairly nice guy came to repair our really old garage door. He salvaged it so that we could use the garage door a bit longer before getting a new one- this saved us thousands of dollars.

Mary P

Mountain View, CA


Garage Door Repair and Install in Mountain View, CA

Are you a Mountain View home or business owner? If you are, then Pro Line Garage Doors can provide you with the best local garage door and opener services around. Below you will find information on how we can service your door.

Does your garage door need an update to its look or design? Pro Line Garage Doors can help you to sift through the collections of garage doors that we offer. Several types of garage doors that we can install for your home or business include: custom, wooden, fiberglass, vinyl, steel, carriage house, contemporary, traditional and wood composite. When you speak to one of our door experts, please relay your vision for your garage door and the style of what you have for your home. This can be a great way to begin the process of choosing a garage door with us.

One tool that we use to help you select a garage door is visualization software. Pro Line Garage Doors is known for this tool because we have integrated it into our company so that you can be made aware of what a garage door looks like when it is installed on your home or business. As a Mountain View client, you deserve the best tools at your disposal to be able to choose a garage door that you will be proud of when it is installed. Our installation services are the best around and we can complete the job in the same day. With Pro Line Garage Doors, we never procrastinate and always do whatever we can to give you the most thorough door installation possible.

We sell and install brand name garage doors from some of the best brands around. A few of their names are: Midland, Home Depot, Amarr Garage Doors, Lowes, C.H.I, Clopay, Northwest Door, Delden and Raynor. We also provide assistance with creating custom sized garage doors. We know that cost is a huge consideration to you so we have many affordable models of doors to choose from. Our employees know a lot about these brands so feel free to request additional information from them at any time because they are there to serve you.

Pro Line Garage Doors is proud to help you make sure that your garage door or opener is one that will hold up for years to come. We can also provide maintenance services to the garage doors that we install. We know that once you install one of our garage doors that you will truly get a better feel for what we are all about. During the installation process, we will also evaluate the garage door opener and remote that you have. We will make sure that everything is in perfect sync once the installation is completed.


 The Repairs That We Can Perform for You

Pro Line Garage Doors knows that you want your garage door to be fixed as soon as possible. We can perform numerous repairs for you such as: adjusting garage door cables, replacing door remote batteries, weather stripping, installing new weather seal, repairing garage door tracks, installing insulation, repairing brackets, painting the garage door, programming door remotes, installing handles, replacing door panels, repairing opener remotes, troubleshooting opener issues, repairing extension springs, installing ventilation, replacing wheels and rollers, fixing door jams, adjusting door frames, fixing braces, installing molding and replacing springs. Our repair technicians are very skilled and have decades of experience between them.

An inspection of your garage door can be just what the doctor ordered. We at Pro Line Garage Doors believe that every home or business owner needs to focus on preventative measures to protect their garage doors. We have a checklist of potential issues that we check for when we complete each door inspection. Once our technician is done, he can give you the assessment and offer further explanations regarding the report. We will inform you of any actions that should be taken to make your garage door or opener more secure so that you do not encounter additional issues.

We aim to be the best overhead door company that operates in Mountain View. We put in 110% each time because we know that you expect nothing less than this from us. Pro Line Garage Doors is fully licensed which many companies are not for some of the jobs that we do. You should also know that we will always put your needs first. We will never try to take advantage of you by up charging you for repairs. We are very honest and have the utmost integrity when dealing with our clients.

Pro Line Garage Doors sets itself apart from its competitors because we offer emergency repair services. Emergencies are common because of incidents that can take place in and around your home or business. Simply call us anytime, 24/7 and we can be to you typically within 2 hours, sometimes even sooner.

Mountain View’s Weather and the Garage Door You Own: The summers are dry and warm and the temperatures are about 77 to 79 degrees in Mountain View. The winters are warm and wet with an average temperature of 55 to 65 degrees. The climate will impact your garage door’s performance due to the fact that the temperatures can make the garage door more susceptible to wear and tear. We can help you avoid this so that your garage door is in the best condition possible at all times.

There are many great neighborhoods in Mountain View. We service many of these areas as well. Some of these neighborhoods include: Central Expressway/ Farley Street, San Antonio Road/Miller Ave, City Center, Heather Court/Fay Way, Eunice Avenue/ Grant Road, Bonita Avenue/West El Camino Real, Miramonte Avenue/ Rose Avenue and West El Camino Real/ Mariposa Avenue.

We offer services to the following zip codes: 94035, 94039, 94040, 94041, 94042 and 94043.

Sunnyvale is a city that is known for its Eichler homes. We know that this type of architecture is often use in many sub-divisions because of its unique look. We can help you to choose a new garage door that will fit in not only with the look of your home, but with the vibe of the neighborhood that you reside in. These homes are often modern and have low or slopping roofs on them that also combine glass walls, siding and skylights. We have visualizations software that is great for homes in Sunnyvale because we can upload a picture of your home and then apply various garage doors onto your specific image to preview what the garage door will look like when installed.

We have relationships with many great name brands of manufacturers. Some of these include: Midland, Lowes, Amarr Garage Doors, Wayne Dalton, Overhead Doors, Delden, Northwest Door, Home Depot, Raynor, Clopay and C.H.I. We stock many different types of doors as well. Some of these are: fiberglass, wood, vinyl, steel, wood composite and carriage house.


The Repairs That We Can Do for You

When your garage door experiences problems, we can come out and give you an evaluation. We know that you have a busy life and need the service done the same day. Do you have a residential or commercial garage door that is too loud? This is one pet peeve that we hear a lot about at Pro Line. We can perform diagnostic tests on your garage door to gauge what is wrong with it. We often find that parts lack the proper amount of lubrication so thus they collect dirt and grime on them. This can lead to grinding noises being made when the garage door opener turns on.

Sunnyvale’s Weather and Your Overhead Door: Sunnyvale has a great climate which means that you won’t have to focus a lot of attention on winterizing your garage door because the temperatures rarely dip below 50 degrees in the winter months. However, one way to help make sure that your garage door stays in tip top shape is to have us come out and do an inspection every six months.

Some of the repairs that we can do for you at any time are: replacing remote batteries, weather stripping, replacing weather seal, repairing garage door tracks, installing insulation, repairing brackets, painting the garage door, programming door remotes, installing handles. replacing door panels, repairing opener remotes, troubleshooting opener issues, repairing extension springs, installing ventilation, replacing wheels and rollers, fixing door jams, adjusting door frames, fixing braces, installing molding and replacing springs and adjusting garage door cables.

We service the following zip codes: Some of the zip codes that we provide our services to are: 94085, 94087, 94086, 94088, 94087,94090, 94088.

Being a home owner involves a lot of responsibilities because of the upkeep that is required to take care of a home. We know that if you own a garage then you will want to make sure that your door and opener are working properly so that you can come and go in an efficient manner. You are in the best hands with Pro Line Garage Doors. We have helped many Sunnyvale residents install or repair garage doors and openers.

Our technicians can come out to your home or business today. We can evaluate the garage door and will take care of any repairs that you need. Upon our arrival, we will meet with you to have a discussion about the way that the door is malfunctioning. We are open seven days per week so that you can schedule a service call whenever it is convenient for you.

We will do whatever we can to ensure that a job is done promptly and on target with the price discussed prior to the start of the work. You never have to worry about us surprising you with additional fees because we are always upfront with our clients. We want to earn the trust of Sunnyvale residents like you so, please call us any time to schedule an appointment. We also offer emergency repair services. If you are having an emergency situation, then please call us and we will come as fast as we can to your home or business to give you the aid that you need. With Pro Line Garage Doors, we strive to maintain our rating as the best garage door company in the Bay Area.

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