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New Garage Doors & Installations

Have you decided that a new garage door or opener is in your immediate future? If you have, then call Pro Line Garage Doors as soon as possible so that we can get you started. We believe that being upfront with our customers is the best philosophy to follow. Your garage will be revolutionized with your new door or opener.

Many people find that their entire home looks like it has been newly renovated when we install a new door at their residence for them. We do commercial door installations as well so if you own a business then we can accommodate you as well. Let us first offer you some information about all of the quality products and installation services that we currently provide our customers across California.

The Types of Garage Doors to Consider

You may be wondering just how to get off on the right foot while trying to find a new garage door. We suggest that you start by choosing a residential door if you are a homeowner or a commercial door if you have a business. Once we know the basic classification of garage door that you need, then we will work from there.

We want to stress the importance of understanding the look of the residential door that you choose. Most people expect more from residential doors than they do from commercial doors. This is because business locations are focused on maintaining a simple and professional look to them whereas your personal home needs to convey a message and show who you are.

If you need a commercial door then you will often have one that is white or grey due to the steel or aluminum that the door is made from. Most companies opt to not stain or paint their garage doors, but may apply decals or logos to market their companies visually from the street level.

Residential garage doors come in a plethora of styles, sizes and materials. You can also decide to customize your garage door with special paint schemes or stains so that you can have exactly what you desire from our business. Pro Line Garage Doors has examples of these doors and we can talk you through every factor to consider before making the move to purchase one.

One fun aspect to the installation services that we offer is our visualization software. You may look at our garage doors and say to yourself that I really wish I could bring it home before buying it. Well, we have the next best thing because our software can show you a picture of your home with images of the garage doors that you prefer. We will need any image from you, but once we have it then we can allow you to see as many images of doors as necessary before you put in an order with one of our associates.

Common Garage Door Sizes

Pro Line Garage Doors can install garage doors regardless of their size. We know that you may have a single car garage or one that is significantly larger for two or more vehicles. We have your installation needs covered. If you know that the existing door that you have is of a standard size which is eight feet by ten feet then please communicate this to an associate who will take down your door’s dimensions. If you are unfamiliar with how to measure your garage door’s length and width then let us know and we will get someone to measure the door in an hour or two.

One common issue that homeowners have is that their garage door was designed specifically for their home. This means that the door will not be the standard size. We know that you will want your new door ASAP so we can help you with your order for a custom made door.

Brand Names of Garage Doors

Pro Line carries thousands of garage doors, but we also have common brand names to offer you that include Amarr, Home Depot and Liftmaster. We only offer our customers the best garage doors that are on the market today. We will have one of our associates discuss the pros and cons associated with the garage doors that you like. We are incredibly honest with our feedback because we want you to make an informed decision. We believe that you should pick a style of garage door and then compare what several manufacturers have to offer you. Seeing these images next to each other can be very helpful for you in the long run and can expedite the selection process.

Garage Door Materials

On your journey to get the best garage door possible you will have to make a determination as to the material that you want your door to be made out of. Wood, glass, aluminum and steel are four of our top rated material choices. Glass doors can make your home look modern and we do recommend this if you want to make a bold statement. Current home design trends have home buyers looking for garage doors that look different than others that are typically used.

Because of the clear appearance of the glass doors, you can request frosted panels as an additional way to make your door protect your privacy while also giving it a look that is desirable. You want the door to be safe yet you also want to stay true to yourself. Our associates can help you have balance with your door material selection.

Wood garage doors often come in hemlock, elm or pine. Our customers need to keep longevity in mind with this purchase. You want your door to still be in style a decade from now. You can modify the doors with different paints and textures so that your door can re-invent itself every few years.

Aluminum doors are easy to fold up and are light which is great for commercial use in which they will undergo a lot of wear and tear. With an aluminum door, we suggest that you also evaluate the size of your garage so that you have chosen the right look for your door. Steel doors are great and typically have curved bars called slats. These commercial garage doors roll up very easily and are often used by mechanics and fabricators.

Garage Door Window Designs

Many people think that they have to just settle for standard window designs for their garage doors. We are here to tell you that you can even design the garage doors windows for your home or business. This process is not complicated at all. We will explain the different window designs that are the best received by our customers. Beveled glass windows are very detailed which can be enhanced even further with beautiful etching.

Some people decide to use plastic windows that can be snapped in and out for their windows. This can be much more affordable then custom designed glass window panels. However, if you are looking to make a financial investment in your garage door then we would suggest the glass panels because they do look more professional.

If you see garage door windows around your neighborhood that you like, then try printing out pictures of them so that we can use them as a point of reference for your window installation. We know that you will want to follow the trends where your windows are concerned so being observant around where you live or work can be a great way to channel all of your creative juices when coming up with your garage door window design.

Garage Door Styles

Garage door styles tend to stay consistent, but that does not mean that you cannot think outside of the box with your own garage door. Traditional, contemporary and carriage house style doors are stylish for their own particular reasons. Contemporary doors tend to be more artistic which is great for people who want to stick out in a sea of the same old garage doors. These doors can be glass or even a mix of your favorite materials so you can have a door made just for your home or business.

You will have to look at your garage door every single day so you want the style to match your taste not only today, but also years down the road. Traditional is a solid style choice if your home has a more laid back style. People who own ranch style houses often decide to use this particular style because it is cohesive with their surroundings. If your home is a single level dwelling then a traditional garage door may be what you need to bring the design elements together.

Carriage house doors are made of wood, but do not let that scare you away from them if you want an earthy look for your garage door. You can select your style of wood and if you stain the door or use paint on it then you can create something that you are proud to call your own. With a contemporary style of door, you are showing people that you are confident because you are taking a risk style wise that can pay off big for you in terms of curb appeal. With our visualization software. you can know if the style you like will actually suit your home.

Alarm/Security/Lock Features

You may overlook the security of your garage door at first. Most people that we speak to think that simply closing your garage door makes it safe, but this is the wrong mindset to have. You need to be sure that your door lock is tamper proof. A dead bolt is the style of door lock that most law enforcement professionals recommend because these locks can be hard to pick. You do not want to make the job of a thief much easier by keeping a weak locking mechanism on your garage door.

A kick plate can help to even further advance your door’s security because criminals often can just walk up to a garage door and kick it in. This is because the moving parts will actually start to give way once the action of the kicking hits them hard. The kick plate will act as an additional barrier that thieves have to penetrate without alarm others that might be passing by. Every second counts in this type of situation so it is beneficial to do whatever you can to seal any potential security related vulnerabilities.

Your garage door receiver can be taken advantage of by people who are outside of your home so consider getting a receiver that uses rolling codes. When you use your door remote with this receiver, the code is reset every time the door is opened or closed. It is very convenient and you never have to worry about your frequency being stolen and used to harm you.

There are wireless alarms that can be used on your garage door. We think these can be very helpful to ensure that unlawful access to your garage is stopped before it is ever started. We can show you security features and products that are offered from various companies so that you can pick and choose the elements that you want to use at your residence or business. We suggest contacting a security alarm monitoring company if you have a lot of valuable items because it can be a wise way to protect yourself from crime.

Garage Door Opener Installation

If you want a brand new garage door opener then we can get you the opener you desire and have it installed by professionals. We have openers from brands like Home Depot, Sears and Liftmaster so you know that you will have a quality opener that will stand up to the weather and wear and tear over time. If anything happens, call us and the repairs should be covered by warranty.

Pro Line’s Bottom Line

Our bottom line at Pro Line Garage Doors is that we are all about you. We won’t make promises to you that we never intend to keep nor will we overcharge you for our installation services. We think you deserve the best and when you call us we will prove that we are the best for your garage door and opener needs.