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Garage Door Repairs- Serving Mountain View

Is your garage door broken? We know that because of issues such as wear and tear and wiring issues that many people need repairs. We have you covered regardless of your set of circumstances. We can begin to tackle repairs that include the following: replacing door remote batteries, installing new weather seal, repairing garage door tracks, installing insulation, repairing brackets, painting the garage door, programming door remotes, installing handles. replacing door panels, repairing opener remotes, troubleshooting opener issues, repairing extension springs, installing ventilation, replacing wheels and rollers, fixing door jams, adjusting door frames, adjusting garage door cables, fixing braces, weather stripping, installing molding and replacing springs. Pro Line Garage Doors has skilled technicians that can go above and beyond for you seven days per week. Here is some information about our repair service offerings.

Cable Replacement

Do your garage door cables make noise and sound like they are being ground into their cable drum? This can be a sign that these cables on your garage door have snapped or have become frayed and will break soon. Because your garage door cables have to be wound up on a frequent basis, this can cause them to be worn and tear. Our technicians can safely remove your cables from the drums and replace them for you. After this, we will lubricate the drums and inspect the new cables to ensure that they are able to lift the door up and down in the proper fashion.


Your garage door gears use the chain so that the door can go up and down. If your chain is too tight then this causes problems for the gears. We can remove the chain and gear assembly so that we can repair or replace your gears.


Garage door bumpers have leaf spring bumpers or push down bumpers on them which work to ensure that there is enough tension on the door’s cables. A leaf spring bumper’s job is to prevent collisions between the door and the back of the track and can also stop it from being removed from the tracks as well.

If you have a push down bumper then corrosion or wear and tear can impact the bumper and how well it can perform. We can remove the bracket, restraint strap and bumper itself to replace it for you.


The torsion shafts has parts called drums which winds up your garage door’s cables. The wear and tear on the drums can cause them to break. If the repair is not performed then the door cannot be lifted safely off of the ground. We can replace and lubricate your door’s drums the same day.


Some garage doors have struts while others don’t because they are not a necessity. The garage door struts are at the top of your door and they make the sections become constricted so that the door does not break when the door is rolled back up again. We can measure the length of your struts and replace them if necessary.


Your garage door remote activates the garage door opener which signals the door to open. Your remote can have dead batteries which have to be changed. It can also have loose wires which need to be adjusted ora broken component inside of it which signals a replacement remote is needed.

Section or Panel Replacement

Sections and panels make up the exterior of your garage door, but they also can need to be replaced if they are dented or broken. This is because the panels and sections can impact the way that the parts around it function. Pro Line Garage Doors can come out to your location and see if the sections or panels can be repaired or if replacing them will alleviate the issue in a more strategic way.

Weather Seal Replacement

Every garage door has a weather seal located on the bottom of the door which acts as a form of protection from moisture and the elements. This sealant can begin to peel off from the bottom of the door because of the exposure to water and wind. We can quickly remove the current weather seal and add a new one for you.


The couplings are on the back of the garage door opener rail and they move the screw that is needed to make the door work. When a coupling goes bad, they will make a terrible sound. We can remove the coupling’s screws and replace it so that it is as good as new once again.

Loose or Broken Hinges

Your garage door hinges hold up the weight of your door so if you see that a hinge or loose or broken then a repair needs to be done immediately. We can make sure to properly tighten the hinges and if they are broken then we will take the proper steps to safely secure and remove the hinges and conduct a replacement.


Your garage door has a board that is essential to making sure that the door functions the way that it should. The logic board typically needs to be replaced if it has shorted out due to moisture or other wiring problems. We can quickly address this problem for you.

Broken Sensor Eye

A broken garage door sensor eye is often evident if your door’s remote flashes and will not make the door operate itself. A broken sensor eye often has wires that have become dislodged or frayed. If a short has occurred then this can cause a failure to happen as well. If your sensor eye issue is just because of disconnected wires then we can put them back into place for you.If the eye is deemed defective then we can do a full replacement.


Your garage door keypad may experience wiring issues if it has shorted out. Being exposed to the elements all the time can cause the keypad to deny you access to your garage. We can inspect the wiring of your garage door keypad and check for any shorted out or loose wires. If the keypad needs to be replaced then we can complete this task as well.


Your garage door slats are flat or curved bars made from steel that you will find if you have a commercial garage door. These bars can bend or break which will require that we cut them off of your door and install new slats in their place.

Broken or Bent Rollers

Pro Line technicians can help to replace your garage door rollers. Mechanical issues such as bending or breaking of these parts is common for both commercial and residential doors. We can complete an examination of the rollers to see if they are able to be repaired or if a replacement is the only cure for what is causing them to malfunction. If the roller issue is not addressed then it can cause the garage door to be misaligned.

Safety Eye Adjustment

A safety eye adjustment may be warranted if they are not properly aligned on your garage door. Your garage door remote takes its cues from these eyes. Dirt can often be one factor in the safety eyes not working. Another issue can be if the safety eye has become broken in which case it will not be able to communicate with the remote or the opener. We can clean your safety eyes if dirt is the cause of the issue and we can replace them if they have been broken.

Trolley Carriage Replacement

A broken trolley carriage can make your garage door not lift up and down any longer. A replacement is typically the right solution if your door is suffering from this type of malfunction. This repair is completed by our Pro Line technicians by getting the door’s carriage and separating it from the trolley. The header bracket is then take off of the rail and the trolley is removed and then replaced.

Emergency Services

Garage doors often need to undergo emergency repairs so that the door can be fixed before any further complications develop with its structural integrity. Pro Line Garage Doors can come out to your home or business seven days per week. We have technicians who are on call and can respond to any repair request regardless of the nature of the repair service. You can call us at our emergency services line and give us a brief summary of what the emergency is so that we can repair your door.

Bent, Misaligned, and Rusted Tracks

Your garage door tracks can have issues because of dirt and grime. The location of the track makes it vulnerable to rust which can corrode the parts. If your track has become bent or misaligned then we suggest hiring us to repair it by replacing the tracks so that they work in conjunction with the door.

Same Day Service

Pro Line Garage Doors knows that Mountain View is a great place to live with high expectations for its garage door repair services. We have stepped up to the plate to offer you the best same day services possible. Our devoted employees can do any installation or repair job the same day that it is requested. We have extended services and we are open every day which includes the weekends which allows for flexible bookings.

Opener Repair

Our technicians can start off your garage door repair by doing a thorough diagnostic inspection of the garage door opener. This can help with pinpointing why the opener is not acting in accordance Openers can be repaired if one of the parts is broken. However, we suggest a complete replacement if too many of the moving parts do not operate properly because it can be counterproductive.


The purpose of the shaft which is a long bar of metal is to keep the drums in place. This is essential to having a torsion system that has the right amount of balance to it. If your garage door cannot be raised from the floor then the shaft may be at fault. The bar can shear or corrode which can cause the torsion to not be set properly. We can take off your door’s drums and remove the shaft and replace it with a new one.

Bearing Plates

The bearing plates on your garage door help to raise and lower the door because they control the bars that operate the door. Each garage door has three of these plates. The exertion of stress can cause the plates to shear or break due to wear and tear. We can replace these bearing plates for you.

We offer our top notch repair services to the following zip codes in Mountain View: 94035, 94039, 94040, 94041, 94042 and 94043. When you choose Pro Line Garage Doors for your repair needs, you will be 100% satisfied with the results.